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Adaptogens Essentials Kit
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Adaptogens Essentials Kit

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All the products you need to help manifest your intention in one box.

Each kit includes a curation of INSCAPE's favorite and best-selling products, a month of the INSCAPE app, and access to a playlist of meditations.

Discover the powerful benefits of Adaptogens. 

Read Adaptogens by Paula Grainger to learn how to use adaptogenic herbs and ingredients to regulate and balance the body's response to stress.

Take 2 SuperYou Capsules every day to enhance energy, mood, and focus. The clinical strength blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs work together to address the effects of stress on the mind and body.

Boost your immunity with a few drops of Elderberry Reishi Elixir. Elderberry and reishi mushrooms are paired with warming ginger and cinnamon to protect the body and may prevent colds and flus.

Keep a few sachets of Golde's Trio Set on hand for an on-the-go wellness tonic of anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger. With a variety of flavors - original, cacao, and matcha - boosting skin glow and inner wellness never tasted so good.

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